Every year, our PTSD support group, the West Tennessee Basket Guild takes a cross country trip to California.

It is typically a three-week sojourn where our happy contingent travels in our passenger bus, leisurely stopping for supplies here and there, and weaving baskets all the way.

We had been in East Arvada, Colorado paying a visit to one of our group’s elderly mothers when the incident occurred.

Not everybody was on board at the time, thankfully! Many were hanging at Mom’s house when we headed out to the Walmart SuperCenter to pick up supplies.

That’s when he came out
of nowhere!

He hit us broadside and totaled the van! When he got out of his car, he appeared drunk.

Neighbors emerged from their houses to render aid. The police arrived quickly. I noticed that this neighborhood had a remarkable number of security cameras mounted on homes and businesses all over the place.

When the police finished taking my statement, I decided to walk up to one of the homes and ask them about their security system to see if it might have captured the accident.

The nice lady there handed me a card. “You just go to http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.netand they’ll fill you in on everything!” she said.

I went back to the wreck and told the officer. “Oh, http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.net?

Yup, we contact them all the time around here to get footage whenever there’s a problem!” he remarked.

The wheels of justice turn
slowly, but inexorably

Our transportation was destroyed. Our insurance coverage provided for a rental vehicle so we picked one up at the airport, transferred the contents from the wreck and began our limp home to Nashville.

When I asked our insurance company how the case was going they told us it was still under investigation.

It seemed the drunk driver had indeed blown over the legal limit, but he insisted that it was because he was so upset from the accident that he claimed we caused, that he took a drink or two from the neighbor that offered it to him to help him calm down.

This is when I told the insurance adjuster to go to: http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.netand see if they could help.

The security camera firm
saves the day

 I am so glad I saved the card from http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.net because it turned out great!

They have so many customers in the Arvada area that they had literally a dozen cameras catching this guy’s path through the city. It turned out that they had footage that showed him leaving a bar, driving down the street blowing through stop signs and committing several other driving infractions indicative of being impaired.

When his lawyer saw the footage from http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.net they settled the case and we got ourselves a new van! Many thanks to: http://www.westminstersecuritycameras.net